The Book Has Arrived

There was quite a celebration here on Friday. Our box full of copies of “The Siblings’ Busy Book” arrived on our doorstep and although the first impulse was the rip it open, Lisa and I agreed that we’d wait until all 8 of us were together (husbands + kids). A few hours later, we carried our box into Lisa’s living room and carefully revealed the content.

It all started three years ago, when Lisa and I were in her youngest son’s room. “It’d be cool to have a book with activities we could do with both kids,” she casually said. “Yeah, that would be cool.”

“We should write it,” Lisa said.

I agreed right away.

Now, this idea will be at bookstores nationwide by August 1 (maybe earlier) In the near future, we’ll write more about our publishing journey.

Here’s the contents of the box!

Here’s Lisa (left) and I a few minutes later. The kids had just finished throwing the peanut-packaging around the room – their way of celebrating!

Here’s a quick clip of “The Moment!”

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