It’s Simplicity for this Birthday Boy

It’s 10 p.m. and I’m reflecting on a birthday celebration. There is wrapping paper busting out of the trash can, a small bit of cake leftover on top of the stove and a tired, newly 5 year-old-boy sound asleep upstairs.

I have to admit, I love my birthday. I remind everyone I know when it is coming, take the day off, prepare for opening presents – just gloat in all of its wonderfulness. I guess I like the hoopla – a day just about me (even though I share this day with Heather!)

I do what most parents do (I hope) and assume that two sons would feel the same way about their birthday. They do love their birthdays. They love it, but maybe not as much as I love mine. They are content to share the day with one another, sharing their friends, sharing the gifts, the blowing out of the candles even. What? Have they lost their minds?

Noah trotted through the craziness of his first friends’ birthday with his little brother at his toes the entire time. I wanted Noah to “stick” out, really bask in the day of just him. He has to “share” every other day. I made him wear this ghastly medal, sit at the end of the table where everyone could see him, take a picture with each friend…I mean I really worked it…insisted that he feel special. I even contemplated leaving his little brother home so he could get my undivided special birthday attention. What a mistake that would have been. My sons truly enjoy each other. Noah liked that Jake was part of the celebration.

Noah didn’t actually need a ‘solo’ day, he wanted every one in the room to feel just as special. So next time, I’ll reconsider the hoopla and probably opt for letting Noah decide how he’d like to spend his day.

He taught me what really makes a birthday special.

All Noah really needed was to celebrate with the people that make his life so whole for every day of the year; especially, the boy sleeping across the hall…his brother.

– Lisa

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