Social Networking for (Cool) Parents

A 24-year-old that works in my office was shocked to learn that I was a Facebook member. “Why?” she innocently asked with a chuckle.

It was, in all fairness, a good question and I had a good answer. I’m promoting our book and have been told that social networking is the way to go.  I created a profile, uploaded a photo and did a quick search for friends. It’s pretty easy and it’s a free.  And if you’ve got news to share (something a little more significant than what most 20-year-olds are sharing – i.e. what party they just went too) you can share it. I got a fun suprise along the way…reconnected with an old high school buddy of mine – learned he’s a dad and works close by. Got a message from a college friend who had all but disappeared from our social circle. He’s alive and well. I’m really loving the photos too. Interesting to see how we’ve all aged. It’s the college reunion minus the anxiety of seeing each other face to face.

If you’re looking for a little more mature avenue, I happily suggest WickedLocal People. It’s for us truly busy people (the ones with kids and carpools and events to coordinate!)

From sports schedules to carpools, Wicked Local People is designed to help track and manage the lives of busy families. A centralized family calendar, address book and family blog make it easy to keep tabs on all elements of day-to-day family activity.

And it’s FREE. You can find it our site – just click on the community tab! Let us know if it helps!!!

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