How it all began

Heather and I began in the publishing business when we were in 4th grade. We, along with some buddies, organized, researched, wrote and delivered a weekly neighborhood newspaper, “The Erin Drive News.” We had an update on any new babies that were born, a classified section for any services we were offering like babysitting and of course a comic section. One of our best articles ever was the Charmin test. We put a piece of the “leading brand” toilet paper and a piece of the Charmin toilet paper and asked for everyone to vote on their favorite kind! We made a good team.

Heather went on to follow her dream of writing; writing for local papers, doing PR in places such as the Red Cross and Salem Hospital and eventually becoming the editor of P&K. I followed my dreams of working with children – teaching every stage from infancy through sixth grade. Still, Heather and I always dreamed about publishing a “real” book together.

Life got busy though – we each had two children and began to think that that idea and that moment would never come. One day when our youngest were about 6 months old we were chatting in my son’s room about everything from what our children were enjoying these days to how busy we felt raising more than one child. We were flipping through a baby game book when I told Heather that I wish there was book out there that combined ages and offered ideas on what you could do with both of your children using the same materials and themes…we both simultaneously said, “Let’s write it!”

No, we did not begin writing that day. The process took time. We did, however, keep a journal of any games or projects that we did do with our children and Heather started looking around at any books that were out there already on the topic (this is so important to do if you have a book idea!!). There were very few. That was good news.

How did we get from the idea to the book? For all you aspiring authors out there, stay tuned! We will be giving you some great tips!

Jake & Brooke (6 mths old)
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