Don’t you LOVE our new banner?

Lisa and I were the recipient of the best gift in the world – a new professional, super sophisticated banner for our blog page (if you’re new to the site, consider yourself lucky – it really wasn’t pretty) Only a woman who has been there could know the perfect way to congratulate us on our first book. Allow me to introduce you to Mrs. Nancy C. Cleary, creator of “A Book is Born” a practical resource for those of us who want to publish a book – it likens it to the experience of giving birth. In it, she gives us a peek inside the minds of 24 published authors.

Here she describes the content :”We laugh that publishing a book is like having a baby—so prepare for the next nine months! Follow us through the conception of the book idea; to why it is so important for mom writers to publish; to sharing the news; pre-natal care (also known as pre-publication marketing); the actual birth; the bling (when baby wins a book award), and through the media successes (baby’s name is on a khyron!) See it all through our eyes.”

Among her many accomplishments, she is also the founder of Mom-Writers Publishing Cooperative of Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, which provides unique services to talented mom writers with professionally edited manuscripts.I had the pleasure of speakking with Nancy, a Massachusetts native, a few years ago as Lisa and I began our book writing journey.  Another local first-time author Kathryn Mahoney introduced us. Nancy – a generous lady and expert in the field of book publishing – gave us some invaluable advice on building our credibility as authors via a Web site, writing columns and reaching our intended audience to eventually catch the attention of a publishing house. It worked and we have Nancy to thank!



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