The Twin Thing…


If I see identical twins at the mall or at a playground, I always stop to check them out. It is so amazing. There is so much about them that is alike – their eyes, their smiles, even mannerisms – how could you not stare?

Heather and I have had our share of “starings.” Our favorite one happened not so long ago at a Starbucks. We were there doing some brainstorming for SBB, very engrossed in our conversation when we went to order a lemonade. The woman behind the counter was looking at us in bewilderment taking a few small steps backward. Without even taking her eyes off of us she whispered frantically, “Guys, get over here.” I likened this request with if you saw an animal that you didn’t want to scurry away until your friends had a look. Heather and I both looked behind us wondering if there was something worth checking out and then realized it was us that had “scared” this woman stiff. In seconds, several other adults had gathered to stare. The young man finally spoke up and asked if we were twins? This question was then followed with the 5 top questions we have been asked over the years. I’ll include the answers!

1.)    Are you twins? We are identical twins. Heather was born 7 minutes before me. I have been reminded of that my entire life!

2.)    What is it like to be twins? We like it! We have a friend to go on this journey with.

3.)    Can you feel one another’s pain? We used to play some pretty cool tricks on people for this one! The truth is I have no idea what Heather felt during her labor BUT when she is hurt (emotionally) I feel it pretty strongly. We are protective and extra sensitive to what is going in one another’s lives.

4.)    Did your parents dress you alike? When we were babies, we wore similar clothes but different colors. Our parents were VERY clear that we were two different people and never called us the “twins” but Heather and Lisa.

5.)    How can anyone tell you apart? Once you get to know us – there are a lot of subtle differences. Usually our hair is a safe bet. My hair is longer. Our smiles are a bit different too.

6.)    Who is the evil twin? We took turns as any teenager does …more on that later!


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