Turning towards SSB for back to school


Noah and Jake

Noah and Jake

I really enjoy the change of season. I especially love the turn of summer into fall. I like the cozy clothes and the smell in the air and honestly I love back to school time. I loved it as a kid and I loved it as a teacher BUT now as a parent of a kid going to school for the first time – I am not so sure. It is making me feel a bit frantic – I feel this huge pressure to reorganize, prepare everyone in our house for a really big change – Noah, the one going to Kindergarten and Jake, the one who is being…left behind.

Sure they have brief hours away from one another in the past but overall they have spend everyday of their lives together – even when my husband and I were at work – they were together…when we have gone on dates…they have been together. This will be the first time that they will spend the majority of five days apart a week.

Noah will be busy. Jake will be home without his big bro.

So I have used SBB to maximize the fading days of summer and to prepare everyone of what lays ahead. Pick up a book and try these out. It will make everyone feel…better!

Me and My Family Scarpbook (Team Family chapter): A family-made scrapbook that will be fun in reminising about all the fun we had this summmer!

Start Your Day Right (Team Family): A fun craft to create a visual guide of how each morning will be as you get out the door!

Get-Well-Basket (Team Family): Maybe I am just parinoid but the start of school means runny noses and more so we got our sick basket ready for anyone that is run down. It is filled with good messages, books and love!

Have a great start of the school year everyone!


Don’t forget to join us!

Friday, August 29 at 6:30 p.m.

Barnes & Noble, 98 Middlesex Parkway, Burlington, 781-273-3871

We’ll get your children engaged in a fun siblings activity and speak to parents about entertaining multi-age children. Join the fun!


Champions in Your Home

In keeping with current events, how about having some Olympic fun with your family?

Try out our Opposite Olympics activity that will send your kids on a search and find mission indoors or out!

You could also host your own Beanbag Race

What You’ll Need

A large sock for each child (in different colors, if possible) •

Dried beans

Elastic bands

Sticks or stones

Help your children fill the socks with dried beans. Try to give each child a sock of a different color than the others. Tightly close the socks with rubber bands. Then head outside to a grassy, fairly flat grassy area with the beanbags. Make a start line with a long stickand have your kids stand behind it. On the count of three, have your children toss their beanbags as far as they can in front of them. After the bags have landed, have your children race to collect them and return to the start line.

The first child to cross the start line wins. Race again as often as your kids want. If they like, have them forgo the race and just have fun tossing and retrieving the beanbags as described below.


A beanbag will delight your baby’s senses. Rub the sock up and down his body and along his cheek, letting the beans massage him. If he can grasp objects, give him the beanbag and let him strengthen his finger muscles as he feels the beans.

If your baby is beginning to show signs of standing and walking, he can “run” the beanbag race, too! Help him toss his beanbag, then support him under his arms while he tries to walk and collect it.


Because your toddler is learning to hold and release objects, it may be easier for her to toss her beanbag upward than forward. Encourage her to throw it as many times as needed to get it to a designated spot a short distance from the start line.


Tossing beanbags will strengthen your preschooler’s large motor skills. Encourage him to throw his beanbag overhand, underhand, and backward over his shoulder. Can he think of other ways to toss it? Which way tosses the bag the farthest?

School-Age Child

Your school-age child can track his beanbag tosses by marking where each attempt lands with a stick or small stone. Encourage him to beat his best toss.

For a more physical challenge, tell him to hop to retrieve his beanbag and skip back to the start line. His siblings may try to mimic his actions.

Summertime fun

As summer winds down, are you looking for ways to keep your kids busy?

Running out of ideas on how to keep them engaged in one another instead of fighting one another.

Check out our clip from NECN (New England Cable News) for ideas!

Plans for NECN

You can find what channel NECN is on your area by clicking here. You won’t want to miss it. Here’s why…I am completely convinced that I will be frozen solid after they do that little count down…5,4,3,2,1 and we are Live!

So it is supposed to happen (if Heather successfully pulls me out of the house) at 8:40 Monday morning. We will be on for a whole 5 minutes discussing the book, our lives and the fact that Heather has a mute twin sister.

Heather is ready to go. She appears on this great show once a month to discuss the happenings of Parents & Kids Magazine. and always comes of professionally. You know, no stuttering, no forgetting words that she usually knows.

Who else out there has a fear of public speaking?

Watch on Monady but I am warning you that it might be more difficult than watching the gymanstics on the olympics – fearing that someone is about to fall. Here we go….

A place for Dad to feel connected

Family Man online. I love this site. It’s where dads can go for honest advice, practical tips and well…a feeling of camarderie. If a man wants advice on how to help his wife get through weeks of bedrest, he’ll find it. If he wants, tips on creating rules around cell phone use for his kids, he’s find that too.

Gregory Keer – the man behind this popular site – is a syndicated columnist, educator, and on-air expert on fatherhood. As publisher of FamilyManOnline.com, he runs the fastest growing resource for the modern father. In fact, he recently shared with me that his monthly newsletter goes out to about 800 moms and dads and the site is averaging about 25,000 unique visitors a month.

He recently offered Lisa and I the opportunity to publish an article on sibling relationships, lovingly called “Can’t They Just Get Along? Why Sibling Fighting Is a Natural and Important Part of Life


We are hosting our first family events this week and we want you to join us! Bellani Maternity (Warwick, RI)  Tuesday, August 12th from 9:30-11:00 and Bernon Family Branch YMCA (Franklin, MA) Friday, August 15th from 10:00-11:30! No registration is required just come anytime and join in on some fun!

Whether you have one child or more and whether their ages are 2 weeks to 9 years old you are welcome to come by and enjoy a morning full of fun!  

Meet the authors and have fun visiting our “stations” that will include activities such as Music & Movement, Let’s Pretend, Team Family and More!

Lovin’ Manic Mommies

Lisa and I had the pleasure of serving as co-hosts/guests of the ever popular Manic Mommies weekly podcast. How to describe Manic Mommies? In just three years, the original Manic Mommies- Erin Martin Kane and Kristin Brandt of Ashland- have created a cultural phenomenon for working moms across the nation. Every month, 40,000 moms tune in to their program to get the latest news, win prizes, have a conversation and receive what moms need most…validation!

We talked with Erin (Kristin was on a much-need vacation) about our lives as identical twin sisters, the reality of sibling rivalry and the concept behind The Siblings’ Busy Book. Get ready to have some fun!

Click on the link below!