Plans for NECN

You can find what channel NECN is on your area by clicking here. You won’t want to miss it. Here’s why…I am completely convinced that I will be frozen solid after they do that little count down…5,4,3,2,1 and we are Live!

So it is supposed to happen (if Heather successfully pulls me out of the house) at 8:40 Monday morning. We will be on for a whole 5 minutes discussing the book, our lives and the fact that Heather has a mute twin sister.

Heather is ready to go. She appears on this great show once a month to discuss the happenings of Parents & Kids Magazine. and always comes of professionally. You know, no stuttering, no forgetting words that she usually knows.

Who else out there has a fear of public speaking?

Watch on Monady but I am warning you that it might be more difficult than watching the gymanstics on the olympics – fearing that someone is about to fall. Here we go….

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