A place for Dad to feel connected

Family Man online. I love this site. It’s where dads can go for honest advice, practical tips and well…a feeling of camarderie. If a man wants advice on how to help his wife get through weeks of bedrest, he’ll find it. If he wants, tips on creating rules around cell phone use for his kids, he’s find that too.

Gregory Keer – the man behind this popular site – is a syndicated columnist, educator, and on-air expert on fatherhood. As publisher of FamilyManOnline.com, he runs the fastest growing resource for the modern father. In fact, he recently shared with me that his monthly newsletter goes out to about 800 moms and dads and the site is averaging about 25,000 unique visitors a month.

He recently offered Lisa and I the opportunity to publish an article on sibling relationships, lovingly called “Can’t They Just Get Along? Why Sibling Fighting Is a Natural and Important Part of Life

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