Turning towards SSB for back to school


Noah and Jake

Noah and Jake

I really enjoy the change of season. I especially love the turn of summer into fall. I like the cozy clothes and the smell in the air and honestly I love back to school time. I loved it as a kid and I loved it as a teacher BUT now as a parent of a kid going to school for the first time – I am not so sure. It is making me feel a bit frantic – I feel this huge pressure to reorganize, prepare everyone in our house for a really big change – Noah, the one going to Kindergarten and Jake, the one who is being…left behind.

Sure they have brief hours away from one another in the past but overall they have spend everyday of their lives together – even when my husband and I were at work – they were together…when we have gone on dates…they have been together. This will be the first time that they will spend the majority of five days apart a week.

Noah will be busy. Jake will be home without his big bro.

So I have used SBB to maximize the fading days of summer and to prepare everyone of what lays ahead. Pick up a book and try these out. It will make everyone feel…better!

Me and My Family Scarpbook (Team Family chapter): A family-made scrapbook that will be fun in reminising about all the fun we had this summmer!

Start Your Day Right (Team Family): A fun craft to create a visual guide of how each morning will be as you get out the door!

Get-Well-Basket (Team Family): Maybe I am just parinoid but the start of school means runny noses and more so we got our sick basket ready for anyone that is run down. It is filled with good messages, books and love!

Have a great start of the school year everyone!


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