Homeschooler Mom gives SBB a thumbs up

In addition to her roles as a writer, blogger and fitness instructor, Karen Kolp also homeschools her two young boys. She eagerly picked up a copy of The Siblings’ Busy Book when it was first released in August and I assumed she’d refer to it to fill in some downtime between lessons. Instead, she’s built some of her lesson plans from activities in the Learning Together chapter. We were thrilled to hear it could be a resource to homeschooling families!

This fall, it’s estimated that 2 million children will be homeschooled nationwide. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in a homeschooling family? In handling the education of her 7-and 3-year old boys, Karen shares the humor and poignant lessons she is learning along the way. Check out her blog at

In this photo, her son is creating a tree book.

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