The “friend” in your family

I sent my oldest to Kindergarten last week. I sent my youngest to preschool. It was exciting. It was scary. I questioned if I taught them everything they needed to know. Do they know how to ask for help? Do they know what to do if they are having trouble with a friend? Did I show them how to stay focused? How to be patient?
Well I am not sure I did but..all they needed to know they learned from one another.
I am not sure if they ever asked one another for help BUT they were always more than willing to step up to solve a problem for the other. Sure, it might have been to show off – “since you can’t do it, I will!
They had their share of problems. They have negotiated, walked away and even yelled to get their point across. In the end, they worked it out and often without my assistance. Yeah, I think they know how to deal with a “troubling” friend.
Jake and Noah spent many of their hours together lining up cars, building a castle, coloring in their coloring books. Ability to focus – check.
In many ways, their experiences are just now beginning but I am happy to know that they will always have one another (even after I am long gone) to learn from, to lean on and to grow with.
This summer we had the opportunity to sit and speak with a writer for a local woman’s guide in Bellingham.  She brought the relationship of family to the center.  Thanks, Margo.
Enjoy the article.
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