Good Morning Conneticut!

Heather and I packed up and left mid-afternoon on Saturday to make our trip to New Haven, CT. There we woke up at 5:30 – put on loads of make-up (although you can’t tell in the video!) and drove to the exciting world of TV journalism.

When we arrived we were able to watch the behind the scences as other visitors prepared food, the floor manager did a count down and the weatherman stood in front of his green wall.

We were armed with some amazing props and some…extra props. You may see it in the video below – I am talking about the lunchbox with the word :mail” on it. That was an extra. But before we knew it – our mics were on and we were told to grab our book and run to thet other side of the studio. We thought we were going to an area to see what our set up may look like BUT to our surprise the countdown began and we were LIVE!

Check it out. We would love to hear your comments. We were so happy for the opportunity!

Watch the video. Click on the video icon on the site for The Siblings’ Busy Book!