Brad & Angelina: Call me!

I have a confession. My favorite magazine (IN THE WORLD) is People magazine. OK, it’s out there but let me further define the word “favorite.” It’s my favorite magazine when I need to relax, forget about my own personal worries and just dive head first into the drama of other people’s lives. I’m fascinated by the way celebrities live their life and more importantly I think People magazine does a wonderful job in telling stories without the flashy, trash talk.

That’s why yesterday I nearly collapsed when I learned that People magazine, THE People magazine, posted a review of our book on their Celebrity Baby Blog. There was my name and the cover of our book right along a story on Katie Holmes. You know, Tom Cruise’s wife?

Here’s a line from the review:

This book is more than just for rainy days. It combats the age-old “I’m bored!” and provides activities for playdates to keep big kids busy and little brothers and sisters from feeling left out.

Now, do celebrities actually read this blog? Maybe. I’ll let you know!


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