We’re Hot in the Fall

We’re trying out this nifty poll option now available on WordPress. Let us know what you think and we’ll make sure to devote upcoming posts with tips and advice on your biggest sibling concerns! In the meantime…

Fall is the perfect time for some activities for siblings to enjoy together. Hot Moms Club recently posted our Leaf Placemats activity online. To get started you just need to head outside and collect some fallen leaves. Yup, I said Hot Moms Club. Want to know what it takes to be a Hot Mom?

A Hot Mom is a woman who is confident and empowered. Being a Hot Mom is an attitude and a lifestyle, it doesn’t matter what age you are, what race, shape or size, EVERY mom can be a Hot Mom! We love this site. You can sign up to write your own blog or just browse the site for some great tips and advice from everything from parenting to relationships to everything in between.

You can tell this group is hip, because they also posted our Yoga activity too.

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