Homeward Bound

deltaLisa and I are sitting in the Miami airport on our way home from the Manic Mommies ’08 Escape. More than 100 moms from around the country (scratch, that) the globe united under the sunny southern skies to celebrate womanhood and take a break from motherhood. For three whole days, we ate full meals without interruption, slept in single beds sans midnight disturbances and planned our own days without having to consider nap times, meal times or the moods of other family members. It was an escape in the truest sense of the word.

The founders of the Manic Mommies are two MA-based moms – Erin Kane and Kristin Brandt – whose hilarious, realistic approach to juggling motherhood and careers have struck a cord with moms from around the world – hosted their second annual escape to bring their like-minded moms together.

Mere aquaintances quickly turned into unrenowed sisterhood. No topics were off limits. And, of course, our favorite topic to discuss is always siblings. We had a chance to do that during the Mom U part of the trip – a quick course on various mom-related topics. After we discussed the importance of sibling relationships, how to create sibling harmony and simple ways to have fun together, we led the moms in an oath. We’ve posted here for your reading pleasure:

  1. lI will be careful not to compare my children
  2. l will remember that sibling fighting is normal, natural and even valuable
  3. l will remember that I play an important guiding role in their relationship
  4. l will make time for fun moments with my children
  5. l will tell EVERYONE I know about this book

Why no pictures, yet? Well, I’m going to say it…my camera was stolen. Another way of putting it, is that I misplaced it but the truth is someone could have turned it into the Lost and Found station and all would be good. Lucky for me, I made some wonderful friends who lent their support – shout out the Bellingham, WA sistas! They’ll be sending some videos and photos my way soon. I also have wonderful Katie who led a prayer to St. Anthony. Maybe he’ll still come through.



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