Bringing Home Baby #2, Worrying About Baby #1

In December 2004, Heather and I were each due with our second child.

Heather delivered her daughter before Christmas and my son arrived three days after Christmas.

We were little to no help to each other and, of course, we share the other most valuable “new baby” support – our mother. Although she has tried, our mom has not been able to split in two and be in two places at once. So I was nervous about going it alone.

How was I going to care for a newborn and toddler? How was I going to make sure that my firstborn was cared for? My husband was around for the first week before returning to work. I hired a post-pardum doula – and most of my worries disappeared.

She came over for a few hours a couple days a week to help lessen the load. She was warm, loving and so supportive and wise!!! I remember she had given me some paper work to fill out. To this day, we laugh about my one and only requirement: “I don’t care about anything as long as Noah feels good about this change in his life.” Yes, Noah – my firstborn- was who I was most worried about. In my eyes, he was facing a big “upset” in his life.

I was going to be at the hospital giving birth, the baby would take my attention away from him, he might have to tolerate visitors that paid little attention to him. My worries were long. I remember that feeling like it was yesterday.
Fast forward four years. I am still busy. So isn’t Mom and Heather. Life changed with Baby #2. I realize now that bringing home #2 wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.

Sure, you can’t sleep when the baby is because you have another to care for but you also have fear replaced by a little more confidence. You have done this before – you have evidence that you didn’t too badly the first time and you have renewed sense of motherhood. As for Noah, I think as I write listening to them play with their toys – I brought a gift into Noah’s life not a burden (Ok some moments maybe not) but still – he has someone to team up on me with, someone to laugh hysterically with in the back seat of the car and someone that he can rely on when I have to be at work. Yes, the thought of doing two is scary – but take heed…the joy will far out weigh your worries.

Tips on bringing home baby number 2

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