Remember the Special Moments


The clothes have been selected and the camera has memory space (finally). Those are the two major last minute things that get done at my house on a special day. We need to have pictures of the kids enjoying their Thanksgiving meal or playing the annual football game, hanging the ornaments or visiting with grandma. We love the pictures – capturing sweet moments to reflect on – but, you know what? Our children are the ones that love looking at the pictures even more!

So when you go the store or in your office to print up the pictures make a few extra copies for each of your children and with their help you can create that scrapbook you have been meaning to get to.

It’s easy…

When it’s time for the activity, give your children each several sheets of construction paper and ask them to find photos they want to include. Help them glue the photos onto the front and back of each page. If your children like, they can add a caption under each photo and decorate the pages with markers and stickers.

After your children finish their pages, stack them then staple them together along the left side to create a book.

Did You Know?

\Sharing memories builds bonds among family members. While looking at the photos, your older children may recall things about younger siblings. For example, your school-age child may say to his preschooler brother, “You always carried that teddy bear around when you were little.” Your other children may want share their memories of their siblings, too. Encourage them to do so!

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