Holiday Shopping for Siblings

rigid_paper_gift_boxMy son’s school hosted a holiday shopping day earlier this week. He went armed with a list of people he’d like to buy a present for and a $20 bill. His sister made the list. He won’t show me what he got her or anyone else. The presents are neatly tucked under his bed hidden until Dec. 25.  I like the idea of siblings buying gifts for one another especially when they are old enough (at least 3) to consider their siblings’ interests and hobbies. Gift giving also demonstrates the importance of giving to those you love. Too often the holidays center around “getting” things, than giving.

This holiday season, encourage your children to think of something special they could give their sibling. Discuss ideas and talk about the importance of showing their love for one another. Remember, the gift doesn’t have to be expensive, just thoughtful!

Here are some ideas:

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