Making time for sibling fun

clockTime is tough to come by. And even if you’re geared up for some together time with your kids, what if they’re not so pumped for it? Or maybe one child is and the other isn’t? A common dilemna that one mom asked us at a recent Sibling Workshop we hosted at the Children’s Museum in Easton. This mom wasn’t just talking about entertaining two children…she has five…under the age of 10.

How can you get your kids (and yourself) jazzed for some sibling fun?

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Handling Behavior

1231My Mom had a look. It was the look that sealed the deal. If I was misbehaving or about to make a poor choice – I got the look and then I immediately (well, in most cases) backed down. It was a simple form of behavior management. It was non-emotional, non-confrontational and non-negotionable. Most parents nowadays spend more time talking, explaining and not enough time managing behavior -putting an end to things that are not acceptable. Guess what? In this book I am about to recommend to you1-2-3 Magic dangerous and destructive behavior AND whining is not acceptale!

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Groundhog Day Silhouettes

GroundhogGroundhog Day is a traditional yet quirky way to predict the arrival of spring. Your kids can celebrate the holiday with this fun shadow activity.

Materials: Flashlight, black paper, tape, chalk, child-safe scissors

Here’s how to get started:

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The Siblings’ Busy Book is a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient

mca_logo_honoree_72dpi_rgb_webYahoo! We just got the great news this past week and couldn’t be happier!
‘The Mom’s Choice Awards® is known for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services. This annual competition recognizes authors, inventors, companies, parents and others for their efforts in creating quality family-friendly media products and services.’
The Siblings’ Busy Book was judged by its own merits and included the methodical onlook of judges such as Julie Aigner-Clark creator of Baby Einstein and Tara Paterson the founder of Just For Moms to name a few. Thank you Mom Choice Awards. We are humbled and so happy to know that through you many families can bond while using our activities!

On Writing our Second Book

The topic has to remain a secret for now but we can tell you it will be in the “Busy Book” family and it’s another subject that is of great interest to us. Lisa and I have had so much fun promoting “The Sibling Busy Book” that we’ve had a bit of a hard time motivating ourselves to get to writing.

SBB style meant scheduling writing marathons every Sunday afternoon. Editing sessions on Tuesdays and brainstorming madness on Saturdays. We haven’t yet found our groove this time around. On New Year’s we promised to create a schedule and stick to it. So far….so…

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Sibling Workshop set for 1/22 in Easton


We will be hosting an exciting workshop for parents at The Easton Children’s Museum on Thursday, January 22nd at 6:30 -8:00pm. Contact the museum to reserve your spot. Be prepared to laugh, shake your head in agreement and learn something new as we help you find some answers to tricky sibling questions. Bring some peace and harmony home with you that night!

The Siblings Workshop

Authors of The Sibling’s Busy Book, Heather Kempskie and Lisa Hanson will share creative activities that your children will enjoy together, tips to strengthen sibling relationships and strategies for parents to use when parenting more than one child.

Thursday, January 22 at 6:30-8 pm; Cost: $5

Presented by Heather Kempskie, Editor of Parents & Kids magazine and Lisa Hanson, a Child Movement Educator

Sharing toys with siblings

Look quick – they are sharing!sharing

My house looks like a cross between a toy store and a bakery. Very messy ones. This is thanks to two birthdays, a family reunion and Christmas which all took place over the last month. The yummy food will disappear eventually but the “things” will fill my home (think game pieces under the couch) for months to come.

Now we move onto fighting about toys (while on a sugar high). No doubt your children have also received toys that mean a tremendous amount to them. My daughter literally barks at her brother if he even dare to stand too close to her Barbie Dream House.

How do we help our children learn to co-exist and share their treasured belongings?

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