I spent a good amount of time on an elevator…

I am talking – people crammed – pressed against total strangers. I wanted to get to our room as quickly as possible – we had waited for this elevator for over 10 minutes – 1 was under repair and that left this one elevator running scores of people through this small hotel (14 floors actually – I guess the tight quarters of the elevator made the hotel feel small!)Anyways, we had just eaten breakfast and it was clear that on this elevator – everyone thought that showering before breakfast was not necessary. Noah (my 5 year old)  pointed out the “big numbers” on the elevator buttons and began begging in earnest to go the top floor of this “skyscraper.” I felt like I had been saying no all week – so what did I say…”Why not?”

Why not? I’ll give you 14 good reasons why it was not a good idea. Each and every floor was stopped at. For every one person that got off three would cram on. I feared for my life – if I could have seen the walls of this elevator and laid eyes on the safety inspection sticker – I would have noted the weight limit – lucky for me – all I could make out was the texture of the red sweater that I was pressed against. Noah was next to me and the whole time – the whole time he smiled. It was a little adventure for him – riding and stopping – seeing new faces and reconfiguring his body to fit into his tiny space on the elevator. A few hours later – we made it to the 14th floor. I was sweating. Noah ran to the first window he saw and gasped (yes, we are country folk) at the sight he saw. The city. The hustle and bustle on a winter’s morning. I couldn’t help but smile – Noah once again made me stop and smell the roses (and other various scents) Life is a ride and I guess we should enjoy it. The ride down went by a little quicker – I wasn’t in such a rush.