On Writing our Second Book

The topic has to remain a secret for now but we can tell you it will be in the “Busy Book” family and it’s another subject that is of great interest to us. Lisa and I have had so much fun promoting “The Sibling Busy Book” that we’ve had a bit of a hard time motivating ourselves to get to writing.

SBB style meant scheduling writing marathons every Sunday afternoon. Editing sessions on Tuesdays and brainstorming madness on Saturdays. We haven’t yet found our groove this time around. On New Year’s we promised to create a schedule and stick to it. So far….so…

Good. We huddled down in my basement office for four hours this past Sunday. I had my husband set up a large conference table, took out all my resource books, said goodbye to the kids and went to work. I have to admit the first hour or so was spent on other random topics. Lisa and I reminiced about high school, talked about our kids, considered a Wii strategy and other worldly affairs were discussed.

We laughed a lot too. Sometimes we wonder if anyone else would find it funny: Two broads sitting in a sub-zero basement with scarves and wool hats, munching on “healthy” snacks, listening to the pitter-patter (more like stomping) above us as our kids played, writing a book again. How did we ever get this lucky to write a SECOND book? But the more pressing question is how are we ever going to pull it off?

– Heather

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