Groundhog Day Silhouettes

GroundhogGroundhog Day is a traditional yet quirky way to predict the arrival of spring. Your kids can celebrate the holiday with this fun shadow activity.

Materials: Flashlight, black paper, tape, chalk, child-safe scissors

Here’s how to get started:

Have each of your children take a turn standing in profile in front of a flashlight beam and casting a shadow onto a black paper taped to the wall. Make sure each sheet is level with the top of each child’s head. Use chalk to trace around the shadow, then cut out the sillouette for a wonderful display.


Try siting your baby in her highchair to trace her shadow. To keep her facing in profile, encourage her sibings to stand in front of her and make funny faces, sing and call out her name. Another great way to get a silhouette of your baby is to lay her on the paper and trace around her bodyl.


To help keep your toddler amused and still, ask an older child to read the toddler’s favorite book out loud while standing in front of him. When his silhouette is finished, ask him to point out his nose, mouth, chin and other features.

Preschooler & Up

He can help by cutting out his silhouette and even assist with holding the flashlight. Have him write his wishes for the upcoming spring on the back of the silhouette. Talk about how you can make them come true.

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