Making time for sibling fun

clockTime is tough to come by. And even if you’re geared up for some together time with your kids, what if they’re not so pumped for it? Or maybe one child is and the other isn’t? A common dilemna that one mom asked us at a recent Sibling Workshop we hosted at the Children’s Museum in Easton. This mom wasn’t just talking about entertaining two children…she has five…under the age of 10.

How can you get your kids (and yourself) jazzed for some sibling fun?

Set expectations in a happy way. Announce that you’ll be having some sibling fun in 5, 10, 15 minutes. You can use that time for any activity prep needed.

Another mom suggested making it a regular part of your day. Put it on the calendar and make it happen.

Play with whoever would like to. The other sibling may become interested and join in.

A lot of sibling play is spontaneous though. Have some supplies ready in a plastic storage box to grab at a moment’s notice or check out the activities where no supplies are needed. Those can be done anywhere and anytime.

One our favorites is Make a Funny Face

We like to remind parents that it’s all about the fun! Take time to appreciate the interactions between your children and those moments when they are truly enjoying themselves. Positive early experiences between siblings can lead to harmony in future years.

– Heather

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