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Indoor Treasure Hunt – for the whole family!

We have been in our home more and more these days. The freezing temperatures and the “germ” factor has kept us wanting to hunker down. Of course, my husband and I would like to crash on the couch with a cup of tea or coffee in our hands but our sons (ages 4 & 5) needed some entertainment. What we came up with supplied us with over an hour of fun. The bonus – Matt and I were able to sip our warm liquids sitting on a couch enjoying our children!

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25 Things My Sisters Have Taught Me

By Lisa
1.) Constantly remind of all I am and all I have been.

2.) Getting in trouble with someone is so much more fun than getting into trouble by yourself.

3.) Locks on your doors does not necessarily mean anyone is locked out.

4.) Getting what you “want” isn’t always what you need.

5.) Always walk away from arguments that are going in circles.

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To have another baby or not

First- I’m not having another baby. Not because of the economy but because of my goal to keep my sanity:)

That being said, historically speaking, the nation’s birthrate tends to dive during tough economic times. We’re in it right now but I’m curious if this trend will affect couples making the decision to expand their families.

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Welcome Baby #2 with a Birthday Party

cake1I have to pass along this great idea a friend shared with me on welcoming home a baby brother or sister: Have a birthday party!

Although this modest celebration is to mark your baby’s birth, it’s really meant to create some excitement for your other child(ren) who will likely think it’s fantastic that his new little sister or brother brought home a cake.

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An at-home Valentine’s Exchange

vdayHere is a great way to celebrate this lovely  holiday with your family.  Using simple materials, each child will be encourage to put some real thought into sharing their love for a sibling.

Materials: 1 large paper bag per family member, crayons (red and pink!), valentine stickers, paper, see below for additional ideas

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