An at-home Valentine’s Exchange

vdayHere is a great way to celebrate this lovely  holiday with your family.  Using simple materials, each child will be encourage to put some real thought into sharing their love for a sibling.

Materials: 1 large paper bag per family member, crayons (red and pink!), valentine stickers, paper, see below for additional ideas

Each person that wants to participate in the family will be assigned to another family member. Everyone will begin by making a bag for their “valentine!” Decorate the bag with stickers and crayons and remember to put your valentine’s name on it! With the help of an adult you can prepare the bag for the big day. It is your choice if you want to buy these things or simply collect them from around the house! Here is what to include:

F = Fun! Put something in there that will be fun to play with for your valentine. It could be a toy you have outgrown or a piece of paper with their favorite colorcrayons!

A = Affectionate! Put something in there that is cozy – a blanket, a teddy bear, etc.

M = Make it! Create a drawing for your family member!

I = Ingest! Something for your valentine to eat. It can be their favorite treat in the house.

L = Loving! An invitation to do something your valentine really enjoys. If you have the baby as your valentine – spend time thinking about what they love to do. If they enjoy playing with a ball – offer to play it with them!

Y = Your choice!

These letters spell FAMILY and that is the best LOVE of all!


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