Welcome Baby #2 with a Birthday Party

cake1I have to pass along this great idea a friend shared with me on welcoming home a baby brother or sister: Have a birthday party!

Although this modest celebration is to mark your baby’s birth, it’s really meant to create some excitement for your other child(ren) who will likely think it’s fantastic that his new little sister or brother brought home a cake.

Put on some party hats, sing “Happy Birthday” to the newest addition to your family, your older child can blow out the candle (only BIG brothers or sisters can do that honor)  and enjoy some cake and icecream together.

“Not only was it fun for my older daughters, I think they also start to understand what a birthday really means. It is the day they were born,” concluded my friend with the great tip.

If you have any unique ideas about welcoming home baby, let us know!

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