To have another baby or not

First- I’m not having another baby. Not because of the economy but because of my goal to keep my sanity:)

That being said, historically speaking, the nation’s birthrate tends to dive during tough economic times. We’re in it right now but I’m curious if this trend will affect couples making the decision to expand their families.

There was a great article on this very topic in the Milford Daily News recently. In it reporter Michael Morton writes:

When a 46-year-old patient recently canceled a vasectomy reversal, a curious Dr. B.G. Parulkar of Marlborough Hospital asked him why.

The man’s reason? Second thoughts after taking into account both his job status in a plunging economy and the cost of adding another mouth to feed.

“Do I really need to have one more kid in this economy?” said Parulkar, a urologist, summarizing the decision.

Before the age of 2, a child can cost at least $7,800 a year, based on a U.S. Department of Agriculture study adjusted for inflation. While Parulkar’s case is just one example of a family planning decision, it could foreshadow the re-emergence of a historical trend: Lower birth rates during times of economic distress.

What about you? Does the economy play a part in your decision to have another child?

Read Michael’s entire article here


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