Indoor Treasure Hunt – for the whole family!

We have been in our home more and more these days. The freezing temperatures and the “germ” factor has kept us wanting to hunker down. Of course, my husband and I would like to crash on the couch with a cup of tea or coffee in our hands but our sons (ages 4 & 5) needed some entertainment. What we came up with supplied us with over an hour of fun. The bonus – Matt and I were able to sip our warm liquids sitting on a couch enjoying our children!

Treasure Hunt

Materials: paper, markers and a small object for each member that is playing (baseballs, stuffed animals, etc.)

Hide these treasures in your home while your children sit in another room. Upon your return you will draw a map for each of them that will direct to their hidden treasure!


This can be a great deal of fun for your baby. Chose a bright colored toy and hold in front of baby. Tell her what it is and then hid it behind you. Ask baby, “Where is the ball?” After a few moments – pull it out a say, “Here it is!” If she is mobile let her go on the hunt for the hidden treasure!


For your toddler – you will have to be very specific while drawing the map. Tell him exactly the room it is in and exactly where it is in the room. For instance you may say, “Go into you room. On your chair is your ball. Can you go get your ball and bring it to Mommy?” It may also be fun to go on the search together. Tell him what you are doing as you go. “We are looking for your ball. Do you see it? Yes! There it is!”


Make it a little tougher with your preschooler but still leave the treasure in plain sight. When returning from hising the treasure talk to her as you draw the map. This is our stairs, you go up the stairs and go straight into our hallway. Pass your room and go to Mommy’s room. Right here is where you will find the treasure.” As she experiences success, take a way some of your talking and let her rely on the map only.

School-Age Child

Get technical for the age group. Let him rely on the map only. Draw with a bit more detail. For instance put in a sketch of a bed in the room he is looking for so he can have a sense of direction. Let him draw one for you to find!

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