Some MORE indoor fun!

Is it snowing at your house yet? If you are anywhere along the east coast – chances are it is indeed snowing or will be ‘in the coming hours.

I am looking at a day with four children (ages 6,5,4 &4). Don’t get me wrong I am “looking forward to it.”  I am just very realistic and aware that it may be a long day…inside…again. So while I am creating a “how to survive the day” action plan. I thought I would share. Let me know if you follow the same plan! For fun (or for toture) I am also going to include what I would have been doing in my P.P life (pre-parenting).

7:00 – Let the kids drag me out of bed and prepare 4 bowls of honey nut cheerios. PP – still be sleeping.

8:00 – Divide the kids into teams as we make an obstacle course out of my living room. PP – still sleeping

9:00 – Get everyone into snow clothes.

9:30 – We are all in our snow pants, boots, hats, gloves, etc. and someone has to pee.

9:45 – We are all outside! I am catching each of the kids as they come whipping down the hill on the side of my house. I am enjoying their smiles – and am suffering bruises. I have to catch them before they hit the fence. PP- rolled over and turned on the news.

10:45 – In for some hot chocolate and a snack. Throw all the winter stuff into the dryer check email so I can reconfirm that there are other adults in the world. PP – drink imagescoffee and have breakfast.

11:30 – Let the kids use laundry basket to gather every shoe they can find in the house. Once they bring them all downstairs they are going to set up a huge shoe store. I give them post-it-notes to create prices and it takes a bit for them to get all the matches together. I carry down my mirror and let the walk around with the shoes. Can be found in the Let’s Pretend Chapter in SBB. PP – Read a book!

12:30 Clean up the shoes! Put them all back in the right place. This takes sorting and coaxing but it gets done.

1:00 Lunchtime. They all like to help. Someone pours the drinks, smears the peanut butter and counts out goldfish for each one. I usually pick up a few spills. It is a very BUSY time. PP – take a LONG, HOT shower

1:30- Can someone say MOVIE THEATRE? We will arrange sleeping bags and pillows all over the floor – pop some popcorn and watch a highly entertaining G rated film. PP – nap.

3:30 – Snack time. I am thinking No Pudge Brownies. Has anyone had those before? SO YUMMY! PP – Eat brownies – watch a soap.

4:00 – Get some caffine in me – eat leftover brownies. Make a call to a friend. Ask them if they are holding it together. back to the kids – Give them each a big piece of cardboard and have them draw a picture on it. Then help them cut it out into puzzle pieces. Put the puzzles together. PP – Get some work done. Do some laundry – I don’t know something productive.

4:45 – Think about dinner. Call my husband to see if he is coming home early…due to the weather and all. Kiss and snuggle the kids. Get under a blanket and read them books.  PP – Feel kind of lonely.

5:30 – Make dinner. Maybe tacos (In the Kitchen Chapter in SBB)

EVERYONE IS HOME. I turn off – take that hot shower and be glad that the kids made the day so much fun. The only thing I think I miss from PP days was the sleep after all!

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