National Siblings Day is April 10

National Siblings Day is a recognized holiday in more than 40 states and, of course, Lisa and I want to help spread some sibling love.

Watch our video for ways your children can mark the day!

Now for the grown ups. Did you know the sibling relationship is one of the most significant relationships you’ll have in your lifetime? Take time to celebrate your siblings:

  • Send an e-card to your sibling- it’s a free and simple way to say “Your special!”
  • Enter our “Best Siblings of 2009 contest” Simply tell us why your siblings is the best (50 words or less). Be sure to include your contact information. Kids can enter too! Entries will be published on our Web site and one lucky sibling set will receive $25 Visa Card and other prizes.
  • Remember a lost sibling on our Memory Wall by sharing a special memory. Entries will be posted on our Web site.

To learn more about National Siblings Day, continue reading…

Claudia A. Evart is the founder and director of Siblings Day (April 10), a day set –aside for people to honor, recognize and celebrate their siblings. After losing her two siblings to separate accidents early in life, Claudia realized the importance of remembering our siblings, both living and no longer with us. She has dedicated herself to ensuring the bond of brother and sister is forever recognized as the special gift it is.

Her tireless efforts have paved the way for forty governors to recognize Siblings Day; they are Alabama (2), Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana (2), Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri (2),  Nebraska (2) , New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico (2), New York (3), Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington (2) , Wisconsin (2) and Wyoming.

Is your state missing on this list? We encourage you to write to your state legilsative and ask that they recognize National Siblings Day.

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