I don’t know about all of you but our home has been overtaken by germs for almost two months now!  Normally my husband and I escape the illnesses. We get the kids better and we NEVER used to come down with anything. This has not been the case this winter.  We are getting sick right along with them.

One thing that has really helped is being prepared. We have all the medication that we need in an instant – some Vitamin C, some Tylenol, some Pepto, a humidifier, etc. We could actually open up a pharmacy in our home.

The second thing that has helped is our sick basket (no, this is not a puke bucket). It is a basket filled with the nurturing things you really need when you are feeling under the weather. We stuck in a new box of crayons and a coloring book, some tissues, a favorite movie and even a snuggly teddy bear (that has been cleaned one hundred times) and we have it ready to go when someone is in need of quiet time.  This has helped a lot seeing how a sick child does not hunker down in their room – they are needy and sometimes whiny! We hand the basket over so we can get the rest we need to recover.

Is it spring next week?

Be well!

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