Sibling Rivalry on TV

blog_tv1Nothing wrong with some sibling rivalry – at least on this show. Watch us duke it out on The Chronicle (a popular news magazine TV show in New England) trying to find the best spots for family fun in the greater Boston area. The hitch? We’re trying to find the most affordable options! Who won? Vote for Heather. No, vote for Lisa. Heather. Lisa.

Some behind the scene notes to share:

I had the pleasure of meeting Mary Richardson – the co-anchor at The Chronicle on WCVB-  a few years ago when she appeared on the cover of Parents and Kids magazine (I’m the editor there) for a feature story on grandparenting. At the time, she had one grandchild and is/was head over heels in love with being a grandmother.  She was extremely kind and interesting and we kept in touch via email.  She once said, “I’m going to keep you in mind for a family-kids type story.” And she did. She called me personally just two weeks ago to see if Lisa and I could come up with fun places to go that don’t cost a fortune for families. Not a problem! We presented 50 options to Mary and her wonderful producer and booked the “taping” dates.

I was assigned with Mary to go to Guard Up in Burlington. Super fun. It’s all about swords and they offer free try out classes all the time. It was easy to recruit a few kids to come along and fight a dragon (aka a poor volunteer that had five people swinging at him in front of the camera – what a sport!)

Lisa was assigned to Trapeze school inside Jordan Furniture’s lobby at their Reading store.

Just before Lisa took her first leap off the trapeze (yes, I said trapeze) she mouthed the words “This is crazy!” to me. I was on the ground looking at her from 300 feet away. I have to say she was incredible. She smiled from ear to ear as she swung above the crowd (which included) Eliot from Jordan’s Furniture in Reading.

Our brave and adorable sons and step sister also tried. I couldn’t breathe watching them and their little bodies swinging back and forth. A harness and wonderful staff kept them safe.What a thrill – my son said he felt like Spiderman.

An incredible experience that we are grateful to have had…and you know what? I don’t care who won. We both did. (Heather, really).

– Heather

Watch us duke it out

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