Our Roles…

I am a Mom. I am a reverse psychologist. I am a teacher. I am a nurse. I am a chef. I am a homlil_fair2ework-doer, a PTA volunteer, a role model, a trend setter. I am many things but I have recently added the role of Tooth fairy

Noah woke me up at 5:43 am (to be exact) last Saturday morning. He asked, “Can I turn on the light Mom? I have something so cool to show you?” I mumbled something that made him feel that it would indeed be OK to turn the light on. He held his tiny hand out and proclaimed in a whispered yell, “Its white and its my tooth! See, I have hole in my mouth!” I shot out from under my blankets realizing that I woke up faster for this event than for any scream in the night.

I examined his small “baby” tooth and looked at his grinning, adorable, missing-1-tooth-smile. My husband stirred with all the excitement and shot out of bed to hand Noah a little Toothfairy pillow that had a pouch to store his tooth in. Apparently, he was prepared for this moment. Noah marched happily back into his room. We told him that the toothfairy would come tomorrow night. She needed time.

He feel back asleep. I needlessly stayed awake wondering about that darn fairy. This was yet another first for me as a parent. What was the role? Where does the fairy live? How much does she pay these days? In short, what trend would she begin in this house?

I did a bit of research and with only 24 hours until the presentation – I had to think fast.

Noah woke up Monday morning and found a letter and three crisp dollar bills under his pillow. My intention was to have one to save and two to spend. Noah had a better plan. He could get three things at the local dollar store where he really, really wanted to go after school. I told him that I would rather take him alone when his dad got home. He was a bit sad as he got on the bus that morning.

He came home with his second plan. Kyle, Brooke, (Heather’s children), Jake and Noah sat eating their after-school snack. I care for all 4 of them on ceratin days of the week. After a short conversation with me, Noah made his announcement. “Because this is my first tooth – we all get to go to the dollar store. You get $1 as my guests! I get $3.” Happy yells ensued. Who shelled out the cash?

What a trend setter – uh?

Think carefully!


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