Easter Eggs & Sibling Fun

eggsI know I see them in every store that I am in these days. Plastic eggs of all shapes and sizes. These eggs can be used for more than just a hunt on the big day – try these ideas out with your children and have a Happy Easter!

  • For baby – Fill some colorful eggs with pennies, rice or marbles. Use a glue gun to secure them shut and let her enjoy the sounds they make!
  • For toddler – Most toddlers love to empty and refill drawers or buckets – make it a learning lesson by giving her a pile of eggs to sort. Chose two colors to begin with. Ask her to put the green eggs in the bucket first. If she brings over a different color simply say, “This is the color pink. We need green!”
  • For preschooler – Build a bunny trail! Use 1/2 eggs to build a pattern. Begin by placing a green egg down then a pink egg down and then a green one again. Let her keep going until you run out of the color you need next.  Have a stuffed bunny (or any stuffed animal) hope down the pattern you made!
  • For school age – A game of memory using Easter eggs! Open up a dozen Easter eggs and stick a sticker inside of each of them. There should be a matching sticker for every two eggs just like in the real game. Flip the 1/2 eggs upside down and each player can take turns trying to find a pair of matching stickers.

– Lisa

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