Happy Siblings Day, Lisa

Dear Lisa,

We’ve redefined the theory on siblings.  The one that reads that siblings are the only people that  “truly qualify as a partner for life.” I think we’ve hammered and reshaped that whole idea into a certain level of absurdity. We hit the ultimate, can’t turn back when we decided to live next door to each other:) BTW, dinner was great the other night:)

So on the day we celebrate siblings, I want to mark it by thanking you.

Thanks for helping me relive middle school the other day. No, I really mean it. I couldn’t remember half the people and you pulled out our middle school year book. It helped when I went to a Facebook-driven reunion last weekend. Middle school was not very fun. At least, I always had you as a loyal friend.

Thanks for always knowing how to make Brooke smile. Auntie has the magic touch when Brooke’s girly moods leave me standing in shock. How did you manage to get her happy the other day on the way to preschool?

Thanks for making me brave. Just by being your (older sister – by 7 minutes) I felt protective of you. I was just as scared when mom and dad went out and left us with a babysitter but if you were crying, there was no way I could or would.

Thanks for the morning you showed up at my house with pancake mix. It was the day, I found out I was having another baby and I was a wee bit freaked. Could I handle to? You wrote a note that said “It’s time to get excited!”

Thanks for all those heartbreaks you saw me through. The high school ones, the college ones. One summer you accepted dates for me. “Yup, Heather will go out with you tonight” and then you’d get me ready and shove me out the door. What a summer!

Thanks for being my wing”man” in life as a mother. I’m running late – you offer to cover with the kids. I’m freaking about a rash on Kyle’s tummy – you come over and offer a diagnosis and some crazy holistic solution. I’m overwhelmed with work and you tell me to get some sleep.

Thanks for the idea for writing “The Siblings Busy Book.” Ideas just literally leaked out of your brain every second. The creativity was all you.

So, partner for life- I’m glad you’re in it with me!

Happy Siblings Day, Liza,

– Heather


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