Hello? Anybody home?

Happy Belated Siblings’ Day everyone!

Thanks for the note, Heather. I am going to send you one on Brother and Sister Day which is May 2nd! Bet you can’t wait! Tonite I have something more pressing on my mind. I just had a wonderful 3 day weekend with my family but during that time I had bit of a revelation.

I am a little afraid to write this – I may be admitting something that I do not want to admit…but here it goes.

Sometimes when I am with my children – I zone out. They may be talking to me and I am listening just enough to be able to repeat the last word they said. (Such a good trick – it works every time). Let me give you an example:

Jake: Mom! Did you know that when I was playing with Noah we created a huge tower and I knocked it down with my head.

Me: Wow. Your head-uh?

Jake: Yup and then Noah was mad because I knocked it down without asking – so I built it up again and this time to knock it down I grabbed Noah and used his head.

Me: Wow. His head – that must have been fun.

Sometimes I do snap to and realize what was just said. Then I address it properly like any good mother would and other times I stay in my own little world…thinking about work, whats for dinner or what time it will be when I actually talk to an adult.

When I am in my own little world for too long – problems crop up – the kids are more restless – resulting in boredom – resulting in conflict. When I am in tune – which there are days I really am just with them – they are in even moods, great listeners and good friends. Don’t you just love that?

So here is my challenge: Each day I am going to fully engage with each of my children for a good period of time (like 5 minutes to start with) doing exactly what they are doing. Anytime a distracting thought enters my mind I am going to push it and say to myself to “stay right here.” I am making my promise publicly. I know 5 minutes isn’t the full amount of time I plan on spending with each of them – of course not – it is the full time I am literally not going to think about anything else except about being with them.

Talk soon.


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