Celebrating Earth Day!

Adopt a Family Tree (World Family pg. 265)

Have your children adopt a special tree in your yard or neighborhood. They’ll learn a valuable lesson about the beauty of nature!

Together to select a tree to “adopt.” Sit by the tree and observe its beauty. Ask your children to describe the bark, trunk, leaves, height and so on.

For your younger children: Let them observe their tree with their hands. Rub their hands across the bark or across one of the leaves. Use words like, soft and bumpy to describe what they are touching.

For your older children: Use a book to find the name of the tree of which you have adopted. Discuss the ways a tree benefit the environment. For example, trees provide shade and shelter to various animals.

Other ideas for your family tree:

  • have a picnic under it
  • read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein while under it
  • pull the weeds from around the trunk
  • pack fresh soil around the base
  • water your tree
  • plant flowers around it
  • hand a bird feeder from it
  • take a family photo in front of it

Caring for the tree will help develop their nuturing skills as well as help protect the environment!trees

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