Flowers for Mother’s Day!

flowerHere is a present that every mother will treasure. They are quick to make and can light up any room!

Materials: tissue paper, scissors, pipe cleaner, Mom’s favorite perfume (optional)

Cut the tissue paper into 6″ squares. We recommend using at least two different colors and at least 8 squares. Chose what color you want to be on the outside of the flower and start with that. Lay one square down at a time in the following pattern – a square, a diamond, a square, a diamond, etc. Use all of your squares.

When done, carefully flip the pile over and pinch the bottom together so that all the pieces are gathered – tie the pipe cleaner around it tightly. Fluff out your flower and squirt a bit of Mom’s perfume on it for a perfect Mother’s Day gift!


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Happy Mother’s Day!


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