What we really remember?

It semomems like it has been a really long time since I was living under my parent’s roof and protection. Man, what I wouldn’t give to be back there for just a few days. Someone else worrying about my rest, the food I was eating and planning the schedule so I didn’t even have to think. These are the things I didn’t even notice my Mom doing. I just know now because I am doing it all.

Yes, my Mom trotted me from place to place and made sure I spit out my gum on occasion. She was responsible – I could tell in EVERYTHING she did that my safety and even my happiness came first. But what is it that you really remember about your mother?

I was thinking about this on Mother’s Day. It actually began with the thought of what my sons thought of me. How would they describe me? What would they remember 20 years from now?
What I remember:

  • laying in her bed on Saturday mornings.
  • her reading millions of books to me during a thunder storm – I was terrified and this was her way of distracting me
  • her coming to my classroom to volunteer (often!)
  • to this day her reaction when I call her (so happy)
  • the smell of her cooking
  • they way she listened (listens) to me – no distractions
  • the tender way she tried to tell me the truth about the rice krispie guys
  • she sat at the top of the stairs until we fell asleep
  • she hid her broken heart when ours was breaking
  • the way she smiled when she watched me try something new
  • her running outside if I fell off my bike or needed help
  • her super powers – she saw everything, heard everything and knew everything!

What do you remember?

What I hope my boys remember:

  • Saturday mornings
  • I helped them to be brave
  • I was involved
  • Always happy to see them
  • I cooked…
  • I listened
  • I cared
  • I encouraged
  • I helped
  • I had super powers!

Basically be as wonderful as my mother…this will be tough!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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