Is it a full moon, spring fever…

My house is alive with the sounds of…arguing.

It all began a about two weeks ago when the sun began shining. It was like they erupted out of hibernation – the cozy-I-love-my-family-mode into you-are-in-my-way–all-the-time type of mood. My husband and I may as well be wearing black and white referee shirts. We feel defeated, exhausted and in a bitter mood more than the sun says we should be.

Its spring and they have energy. If they are “bored” (which sort of cracks me up – they have 1 trillion things to do in this house and outside 1 trillion more) they will bug each other for some type of exciting reaction.

What to do? I ask that I am waiting for someone to write back with an answer! But I have a plan. I’ll let you know how it goes.

1. Drink

2. Get them alone more often. You know spend a few minutes each day with each of them.

3. Talk to them a bit about what I see that I like. I try to remember to compliment them on something when we are alone. They love that! I say something like -“You made Noah’s day when you shared that book with him. Did you see how happy he was!”

4. Keep my emotions in check. When they are confronting one another – I need to WAIT! My husband tried to remind me of that last night. Let’s just say he was wasn’t responded to kindly.

That’s it for now. Wish me luck!

– Lisa

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