Siblings and Germs: Do they always have to go together

sneeze2When Lisa got chicken pox when we were only 10 years old, my mother wasn’t worried if we played together. In fact, our pediatrician encouraged it. “Heather is going to get it anyway and it’s best to have the family get it together.” I never did…ever. Chicken pox just skipped me by and when I was 27 I got the vaccination for it.

Let’s face it, siblings share everything including germs. You can’t board off a section of your home if one child get sick…although I’d like to. This week, my son Kyle is under the weather. He’s got a low-grade temp and is coughing and sneezing everywhere. On occassion, he remembers to cover his mouth. When he doesn’t I am there in a flash armed with Lyscol spray in a futile attempt to kill germs in mid-air.

My daughter Brooke doesn’t quite get the concept of personal space. She still wants to crawl all over her brother and get plenty of face to face contact. So if the cough remnants didn’t make it into her lungs perhaps they’ll find another way.

“Stay away from your brother! No touching! Kyle don’t sneeze on your sister!”

I’m about one outburst away from convincing Kyle that he has lepersy. I’m trying to remain calm without alarming both of them. But is it really worth it? Will she just get it anyway?

I’m going to keep on praying for another chicken-pox like pass.


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