Preparing for Summer…

My son will besand done with kindergarten in a few short weeks. Up until he started school he was home with me. Everyday.

I thought I was going to be lost without him but I have to admit having just one child at home with me was rather nice. Just yesterday, while Noah was at school, Jake had me all to himself. We rode bikes, colored, built with blocks. He didn’t have to share anything, he didn’t have to wait his turn. He talked in a kind way all day.

Fast forward to 3pm

when we picked up his big brother at school – The whiny voice kicked in and we were all shuttled back into – what it means to be a family…compromise, patience and a whole lot of sharing.

Jake loves to be with Noah and vice versa but we are about to be together all day everyday. Are there any other parents slightly worried about the end of school and the start of summer?

My personal feeling (and other professional feelings) are that little spats can be the result of boredom. Can you believe that? I have enough gadgets in this house to run a small Disney Land and my kids are bored!? I am hoping to enjoy the lazy days of summer but avoid boredom as much as possible.

The solution – stock up on some rainy day supplies and make a plan for inexpensive day trips.

Sunny Day ideas: Ice painting, chalk drawing, hikes, ball games, digging in the sand, water toys, games, planting, beach going, biking, etc.

Rainy Day supplies: crayons, markers, glue stick, scissors, paint brushes, paper, old magazines, recyclables, posterboard, blankets, tape, stamps, inkpads, hula hoops, post-it-notes, poster board, sponges, stickers, paper clips

For ideas of what to do with all of these materials visit us again or go buy the book!

Wish me luck!

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