Father’s Day Gift Idea

fdayWe all struggle (or is it just me) with a gift idea for the Dad. I really want to give him something made by the kids and it be something that he will actually use. This year a very good friend shared an idea with me. It turned out to be the end-of-the-school-year for all 6 teachers we had to purchase something for! It is relatively inexpensive and will be used over and over again. Thanks for the idea Robin!

Personalized Water Bottles


Steel water bottles (I bought mine at BJs), acrylic paint, tape, EnviroTex Spray (clear/high gloss) at your local craft store

1.) Let your child paint the steel water bottle with any design

2.) Allow it time to dry

3.) Put tape around the mouth of the bottle.

4.) Spray over the paint according to directions. Allow to dry.

5.) Remove tape and you are done!

Perfect gift for camping, golfing, mowing the lawn, etc.

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