Summer Tip

Gulp. They are both going to be home…all summer.

I am looking forward to it. Really. The lazy days of summer are hopefully on the way.

I was so focused on what my Kindergartner would think of being home everyday that I had forgotten what my youngest may be feeling. He had run the roost for the last 120 days. Now he has to contend with his big brother. Jake and I had something beautiful going. If I asked, “Do you want to go to the park?” I would get a resounding YES! Now when I ask I get a YES and a just as loud a NO from big brother! Then the compromising begins.

“We will stay just awhile.”

“Tomorrow we will do your choice.”

“Come on it will be fun.”

Then ends with someone dragging out of the car like I am dropping them off in the desert while the other one is skipping into the sunset. He won and he knows it.

Here is my tip:

Plan your week ahead of time. Ask your children something they would like to do during the week – go to the library or go letterboxing, etc. Plug it in and get excited. Pick some things for yourself too! Then do two things at the same time : put a limit on ” votes” and distract (to avoid the moaning).  It is time to be clear.

Example: “We are going to the store to get somethings we need. Is there a fruit you would like to pick out to go with our lunch today?

No voting and a great distraction.

Have fun!



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