Daily Siblings Tweets

twitter_logo_headerSo you wake up on a Wednesday and it’s raining and you’re wondering what you are going to do with the kids all day. You’d prefer to stay home to avoid packing them all up and you’d rather not spend a lot of money for entertainment. Plus, it would be the biggest treat EVER if you could find something they could do together and maybe, just maybe, have a few minutes to yourself. Ever been there?

Lisa and I are launching a live saver today via Twitter. Monday through Thursday you’ll find daily tweets on ideas for sibling fun. In the a.m., look for the “idea of the day” some fun activity you can do with your children and in the p.m., we’ll provide our “tip of the day” some advice on the joys and challenges of raising siblings.

Follow us and we’ll get through the day together!

– Heather

Ideas EVERY Day on Twitter

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