Learning through the summer…

I have so many “plans” this summer. I want to get to the beach, teach my son to swim, try out camping, catch a baseball game, read, relax, take walks, etc. I also want to make sure I am enriching my sons’ lives with many learning experiences!

We have a chapter in our book – solely about learning and exploring! One of my favorite activities explores numbers using a phone book. Do you have one? You Calgary_phone_bookprobably don’t even need it – but your kids (no matter the age) will have a blast learning with it!


Divide an old phone book into sections, one for each child, by opening the book flat and ripping along the spine.

For baby: give her a page or two to crumble in her fist. She’s love the feel and the sounds the paper makes.

For toddler: Let him tear out some pages and then help her find the first letter in her name on each page. You can circle the letter and say, “There is a B. B is Brooke!”

For preschooler: You can challenge your preschooler by calling out random numbers and having him locate the number on his page. Give him a highlighter to highlight the numbers he finds.

For school-age: He can practice his alphabetization with the phone book. Explain the words at the top of each phone book page – how they represent the first and last entries on the page. He can rip out a number of pages and try to put them back in order!

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