Healthy Siblings Boot Camp

CIMG1210During the summer, Lisa and I attend a boot camp at our local Y….at 6 a.m. I don’t know why we do this. Maybe out of habit.  The 45-minute class includes running, sit ups, push ups, an agility ladder, squats and any other movement that leaves you somewhat crippled the following day. The children are naturally curious about where their mommies are going at such an hour so we use the opportunity to drone on and on about the benefits of exercise, having healthy bodies, blah, blah.

A few weeks ago, the four of them were playing on the swings in the back yard and decided to “exercise.” They did pull ups on the monkey bars, some sort of leg exercise on the swings, lots of running and shouting “Switch (to the next exercise)!”

You should have seen their faces when I suggested building a boot camp on the front lawn. I brought out the trampoline, arm weights, a yoga mat and then used whatever I could find in the garage for other “equipment.”

CIMG1203I also labeled each station with a quick drawing/action. This is a great sibling activity and once you set it up, you’re free to watch and take photos (like I did!)

You’ll have to stick close to toddlers and even closer to babies who are participating. A baby can get in some serious arm work outs by doing some tummy time on a mat. If she is sitting, sit across from her with your legs out, hold onto her hands and gently rock back and forth for some leg stretches. The point is to just keep moving. You’ll show your children how fun being healthy can be:)

– Heather

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