10 Reasons ‘Your Siblings’ Should Go Camping…

040 I’m not talking a weeklong trek in the woods, just one night at a campsite will suffice!

1.) Nothing says teamwork like setting up a tent.

2.) You all get to “share” a room. The best conversations can happen late at night while you are all tucked in your sleeping bags.

3.) Technology absence opens up imaginative play amongst all ages.

4.) You can learn about one another through camp-side fires.

5.) You will need an escort to and from the bathroom. When is the last time you took a stroll?

6.) ‘Nature play’ is free. Swim together, hike together, climb a tree together, throw rocks into a stream.

7.) Even if it rains or your tent collapsed…these are the memories your kids will talk about long into their lives. Mishaps are just plain funny (later!)

8.) Kids can really contribute – parents are often confused on the best place to set up, what to eat, etc. Kids can suggest ideas that are really handy!

9.) It’s an inexpensive way to bond.

10.) Your kids may even learn to appreciate luxuries such as AC, showering and indoor eating.

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