Happy (belated) Twin Day

Who knew? There’s also a national ‘twin’ day (Aug. 3). I can’t believe Lisa didn’t get me anything!

Considering there are more than 140,000 twin births every year, perhaps one of them did exchange gifts.

Twin births are continuing to rise (especially here in Massachusetts) which means there are many parents not only raising siblings but raising multiples.  How is that sibling relationship different? Does rivalry exist?

Experts say that identical twins are more prone to comparisons. Which one is the good one? Which one is the bad  one? No comment from me:)

I don’t remember feeling compared at all.  I give credit to our mother for that.  She did allow people to refer to us as “the twins,” she encouraged individuality and rarely, if ever, dressed us alike. She set the tone and others followed her lead.

Parents have a tremendous amount of influence when it comes to raising multiples (or any child).

Here are some great articles, I’ve found on the twin topic:

Twin Rivalry – you can find this on a great site “Talk About Twins” which offers advice and tips on raising multiples

Nurturing the Twin Bond – how can you help foster healthy relationships

Twins: Making Sense of Birth Order – when it comes to birth order, twins are a special situation

Oh, yeah – Happy Twins Day, Lisa!

– Heather

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